All Members are asked to abide by the Club Rules, and the Child Protection and Health & Safety Policies. The Club is a not-for-profit Community Amateur Sports Club, run in line with our Club Constitution and the tennis and community objectives included in our Constitution

Members Playing at the Club:

  1. At the end of play it is essential that members check that the Clubhouse and the Courts are safely locked up, any lights switched off, and the tennis nets slackened a little.  Security is a problem at the recreation ground and it is essential that all members lock-up the Clubhouse and Courts on leaving, and report any concerns.
  2. Only non-marking, non-ridged tennis shoes are allowed on the courts (including the mini tennis court) – trainers or other inappropriate shoes are not allowed as these will quickly damage the court surface, as well as possibly cause injury to the wearer. Players will be asked to leave the court if they are not wearing appropriate shoes.
  3. Players should wear clothing suitable for sport/tennis.
  4. Members who come to play at club ‘mix-in’ sessions (such as Vets or Ladies mornings, Mens, Ladies or Mixed club nights) are asked to join in sessions and not play independently.
  5. Junior Court Priority: Juniors have priority for play on Court 2 between 3.30-6pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. There will be no advance court booking opportunities for Court 2 during those times and adults playing should vacate the court if juniors are waiting.
  6. Members can play at any time except: after 9pm with floodlights, or when the court has been booked for club sessions/coaching, special events, or by another club member
  7. Only fully paid up members of the club are allowed to play on the courts (aside from coaching sessions and pay & play). Any friends or family who are not members are expected to pay a visitor’s fee, or better still join the club. Non-members can also book courts separately under pay & play court bookings.

Court Etiquette:

  1. Members are asked to vacate the court promptly if other members have booked and arrive to play (to safeguard a court, members should write their name on the bookings sheet on arrival for play, if the court has not already been pre-booked)
  2. Members are asked to avoid disturbing players on court during play eg by walking across the back of their court or conducting noisy conversations on court or nearby.
  3. If you are an experienced adult or older junior please try to offer younger or less experienced players the chance to have a hit against you if they are waiting for a game.


  1. Please help publicise the club – the majority of new members join clubs through word-of-mouth recommendations and it is really useful if members can publicise their club.
  2. The club website can be found at:   Please use the club website to keep informed of forthcoming events and news, to stay in touch with box league results, to email the committee or coaches, and to submit news/information for the website.
  3. Please put forward your views and ideas on a regular basis to ensure the club continues to work well for members and the community.  Members can put forward their concerns or suggestions in a number of ways, including: talking to, or emailing via the website, one of the club’s committee members or coaches; via the Suggestions Box in the clubhouse; raising points at/before the AGM meeting

Visitors & Non-Members’ Pay & Play:

  1. Non-members are very welcome at the club and can book courts and pay & play (£6phr) – booking courts no more than 6 days in advance (see Court Bookings section).
  2. Visitors, accompanied by a member, are very welcome at the club and should pay the £3 Visitor’s Fee (into the box in the clubhouse) and enter their name in the Visitor’s Book.
  3. An individual Visitor playing with members is welcome up to 6 times per year, after which it is hoped they will consider joining the club.
  4. Non-members playing without members on a court booking pay & play basis can play as many times as they wish during the year, but it is hoped they will wish to join the club.


Court Bookings for Members:

  1. Members can book courts via Bookit on website.
  2. Members can book courts for up to 90 minutes at a time, at any time when the courts are not reserved for club coaching or mix-in sessions or tournaments. Regular club sessions will be blocked out on the court bookings sheets more than 7 days in advance.
  3. Matches, tournaments and special events will be marked on the court bookings sheets as far in advance as possible.
  4. If a member has booked a court but has not turned up to play within 15 minutes after the court booking time started, then the court becomes free and other members can book and play on the court.
  5. To ensure members have the maximum opportunity to use the courts, members are asked to try to cancel their entry on the court bookings sheets if they know they cannot play. Pleasedo not book courts unless you are fully intending to play.
  6. Courts for private coaching sessions will be booked in the same way as other members make court bookings, ie no more than 7 days in advance.
  7. If nobody has booked the court you may turn up to play, but any subsequent online booking will take priority.

Court Bookings for Non-Members – Pay & Play:

  1. Non-members can book courts by emailing the Club Secretary  no more than 6 days in advance and no less than 1 day in advance (ie book between Wednesday – Monday for the following Tuesday).
  2. Bookings should be recorded online by the Secretary.
  3. The secretary will arrange with the visitors a time to collect and return the court key.
  4. Visitors’ fees (£6 per court per hour without floodlights; £10 per court per hour with floodlights) will be payable when court key is collected before play and a £20 refundable key deposit may also be payable.
  5. Visitors playing with a Member of the club should just sign the Visitors’ Book on arrival and pay the Visitor’s Fee of £3 per visitor, into the box in the clubhouse.


  1. Courts should be booked in the normal way: in writing on the court bookings sheets on the clubhouse, whether play will be under floodlights or not
  2. Floodlights are timed to go off at 9pm each day and there can be no play after 9pm under lights (to comply with planning permission regulations as well as for the sake of the country village setting)
  3. Floodlights MUST be switched off at end of play stops, and not be left to automatically go off at the end of the timed period. This will help keep artificial light to a minimum in this rural area, as well as save the bulbs.
  4. It is essential that floodlights are not switched back on immediately after they have gone out (this ruins the lights quickly). Please wait 10 minutes before switching on the lights if you have just seen the lights go out.
  5. 5 minutes before the lights are due to go out a warning light will come on. As the courts are in a dark area, players are advised to stop play at this point and lock up the clubhouse.
  6. A courtesy light remains on for 5 minutes after the floodlights automatically go out.
  7. Courtesy lights have been installed on 3 of the lighting columns, switched from the clubhouse end and the car park end, to light the path from clubhouse to car park (and vice versa)
  8. Please arrive in good time for your floodlit court booking so that lights do not go off when the previous players leave.
  9. Please ensure you lock the Clubhouse and Courts at the end of play.

If you have any problems in connection with Child Protection, Club Rules, Health & Safety Policies, or any other matters relating to the club, please contact anybody on the Club Committee (see full listing on website and in clubhouse)